Your needs as a starting point

Our personalized solutions are tailored to your needs. We partner with you to achieve your goals. Together, we improve the business processes that do not fully meet your expectations.

Axone has extensive expertise in data visualization & analysis software such as Tableau and the Microsoft BI suite. We promote the use of data visualization & analysis platforms because the manipulation of data by business analysts and decision makers considerably improves results. This revolution coincides with Axone’s mission of promoting informed decisions.

A promising component of our offering is the automation of business processes. Within the next ten years, employment in most sectors will be transformed by the use of algorithms.

Finally, Data Mining brings out breakthrough insight in limitless areas. Just in the field of marketing, Data Mining has proven invaluable for enhancing customer segmentation, churn prevention and cross-selling, thus reducing promotion costs and improving campaign response.

Under Publications, you will find our short articles: our latest article proposes three breakthrough technologies. The next one highlights the strong link between Architectures and Competitiveness, one text advocates the leveraging of data; two articles deal with Data Mining; a page summarizes our Strategy services and a guide explains our proven method to boost retail prosperity.


As needed, we provide diagnostics, analysis, forecasts, simulations and coaching to support growth. We deploy Business Intelligence systems adapted to your strategic and operational challenges.This Gartner illustration is used to summarize our service offer.

Personalized solutions

Together, we establish the required action and the expected benefits.

We assist you in strategy development, in the identification of performance drivers and for tracking results.

Data Mining

Using specialized algorithms, we reveal patterns, correlations and trends. This knowledge allows for the development of innovative products & services and it enables our clients to make differentiated offers.

Segmentation and behavior analysis help our clients in developing attraction, conversion and customer retention strategies.

We invite you to read 'Data Mining in brief' under Publications.


Axone evaluates the quality and the integrity of your data, the efficiency of your systems, the accuracy and reliability of your reports, the performance of your processes or the cohesion of your goals, strategies and actions.

We provide you with a factual and relevant assessment and we propose solutions.


Our analyses detect and illustrate trends, series, correlations and anomalies. They facilitate a variety of tasks such as segmentation, advertising, fraud detection, etc.

Axone develops analytical models that match the realities and needs of your business. We make your data speak!


Reliable forecasts allow for proactive management and growth.

Accurate forecasts inspire decision makers. Trustworthy forecasts are essential to all concerned by innovation, product & service development, marketing and sale.


Using internal and external data, we develop simulations to help comparing your options. Simulations demystify complex situations, mitigate risks and contribute to the articulation of your vision.

Our simulations help you make strategic decisions that ensure the growth of your business and protect the reputation of your brand.

Strategic counsel

Wealth is created by encouraging diversity of thought, conclusive dialogues and action. A well-advised attitude is: 'In God we trust; all others please bring data.'

Your understanding of customer needs and profit engines determines the company's performance in current markets.

Your share of tomorrow's markets hinges on your vision and your ability to create value for your customers.

To implement winning strategies requires widespread adherence to the leader's vision and concerted action of the whole staff.

See the short article "Management and Vision" under Publications.

Business Intelligence

To facilitate decision-making, we advocate modular developments: our flexible architectures evolve in synchronicity with your objectives and your priorities.

We implement well adapted technologies taking into account the success factors that are specific to your business.

Scorecards, Dashboards and data visualization platforms help our customers thrive.