2015 Highlights

2014 had been most rewarding as our loyal clients had highly valued our services: Innocap Investment Management had been experiencing significant growth since 2013; moreover, two reputable organizations had used our services, namely National Bank Financial Markets and Beyond The Rack.

Continuing the momentum in the first half of 2015, Axone delivered to Beyond The Rack a data mart for analysis of sales and marketing results ; we developed a MySQL database architecture for deployment at BNMF and we participated in the creation of many personalized dashboards destined to major clients of Innocap who continue to trust us after six years of continuous service!

We have significantly increased our expertise of data visualization & analysis platforms that are increasingly helpful to many of our clients.

In October, François Cousineau will represent Axone in Las Vegas at the annual Tableau conference. Our customers appreciate the fact that Axone has been investing to help them leverage the technologies which have a positive impact on their results.

Finally, we are preparing a new project that will make use of a NoSQL database.

Since the demand is sharply increasing, we are currently posting another permanent BI/Database Developer job (see the job description on this site). Applicants shall have some experience of the financial domain. The successful applicant will work within a dynamic team comprising Axone’s co-founder François Cousineau and our expert Developer Eduardo Faleiros.

Short term vision

We feel the pressure exerted on data storage and analysis systems. Datasets are increasingly large and diverse. The 'Big Data' phenomenon, the popularity of social networks and real-time interactions drive us to use NoSQL databases in addition to relational database management systems (RDBMS).

In 2016, we will recruit a NoSQL database Expert and/or a Data Scientist. Ads will appear on this site around July 2016.