Visual identity Axone

Our logo combines the name Axone Intelligence to an Egyptian hieroglyph representing the god Horus. Horus, who embodies a peregrine falcon, was worshiped throughout the Old and the New kingdom.

Horus is the god of the sun and the moon that fight the forces of darkness, the god of wisdom and creation. Legend has it that Horus flew over the Universe at the dawn of time. The powerful gods Ra and Thot also inspired us.


As Horus symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, Axone sheds light on your operations to help you make informed decisions. As Horus fights chaos, Axone classifies and scrutinizes data to unveil trends, patterns, forecasts and other useful information. Legend has it that Horus presided over the creation of the Universe and guided the pharaohs; more humbly, Axone provides expertise for proactive and successful management.


Axone reveals the potential of your company’s data, using modern tools in the search for meaning and knowledge to your benefit. We lend you our Business Intelligence skills.

Axone Intelligence’s name

An axon is a long and cylindrical neural thread that starts on the cell body of a neuron and finishes with an arborisation on another neuron or muscle. The axon is the transmission belt of neural impulses, that is, the information. Together, the neuron and the axon generate and transmit critical signals for the survival of organisms.

By analogy, we generate and transmit vital knowledge, thereof our brand name Axone Intelligence.


The Egyptians developed hieroglyphs as a communication system around 3200 BC and used them until 394 AD, during the Roman Empire. A hieroglyph is a sign representing an idea (ideogram) or a sound (phonogram).

Axone transmits knowledge. We process masses of data, highlighting useful information. Our mission is to analyze data so as to help our customers prosper and distinguish themselves.


Egyptians worshiped the Horus deity who was associated with the creation, the sun and the moon, the integrity of the great Egypt, wisdom, clairvoyance, the victory of life over death, harmony over chaos. Embodying a peregrine falcon, Horus symbolized the expansion of horizons and national overcoming.

Axone promotes discovery through Data Mining and the analysis of consumer sentiment.

Inspired by the victory of Horus over darkness and chaos, we shed light on raw data, revealing new insight to our customers.

Clairvoyance made Horus invincible; Axone offers to its customers the head start that contributes to their success.

Peregrine falcon

This animal stands out for its eyesight and its hearing. Spectacular aerodynamics gives it unbeatable efficiency and speed. Its observation skills and hunting techniques are fascinating. It has adapted to its environment, surviving insecticides, including DDT, and mass exterminations during wars in order to let pigeons deliver missives unhindered.

Inspired by this captivating animal, we focus on the future and we scan the horizons on the lookout for new and more effective methods & technologies. Our constant pursuit of progress benefits our customers.

Our values include competence, creativity and efficiency. Our methods and tools are at the cutting edge and our service is impeccable.


Creation is the prerogative of Ra, the perfect demiurge, the One who created the Universe, gods and men. Axone helps create new competitive spaces. We encourage creativity and innovation in the search for appropriate business solutions.

Holding the sun on his head, Ra travels daily from East to West. Axone offers analyses that facilitate informed decision-making, daily management and long-term orientation.


Thot was revered for his intelligence and his mastery of speech, writing and mathematics. Your data, once integrated and analyzed will be invaluable to your organization.

We grasp your challenges and we help you reach your goals. Knowledge and informed decisions lead to prosperity.

Egyptians of humble birth who could master sciences had access to economic and social ascent. Knowledge was and remains a key to success!