The co-founders Axone

François Cousineau cofounder

A graduate in computer engineering, François stands out for his ingenuity in leveraging data and decision support technologies.
He co-founded Axone Intelligence in 2005 anticipating the potential of Business Intelligence and Data Mining as a means of enhancing efficiency. Since then, François has carried out complex assignments for a wide range of customers.
François delivers innovative solutions and he contributes to the prosperity of our customers by developing BI platforms, databases, data warehouses, performance indicators, dashboards, descriptive and predictive models, etc. and through the discovery of meaningful patterns in data.

François Cousineauco-founder
Denis Proulx    cofounder

A graduate in mechanical engineering, Denis brings over thirty years of business experience (CN; AMF Technotransport; consulting services; co-founder of two fine food boutiques and co-founder of Axone Intelligence).
His expertise spans corporate strategy, negotiation, business development, strategic alliances, management, planning, financial analysis, R & D and quality assurance. He has directed international mandates in North America, Europe and Africa.
Being specialized in business strategy, he supports companies towards achieving continuous growth.

Denis Proulxco-founder