Why choose Axone?

Because we behave as your partner:

  • Your success is the measure of our own accomplishment.
  • Our adapted services give quick access to key information.
  • We help you achieve your goals and measure results objectively.

Because Axone has enjoyed uninterrupted successes; the projects of our customers come off as confirmed by their own testimonials!

Because our methods speed up deployment, thus reducing the impact on human and material resources.

Because we jointly pre-establish the success criteria for each project and we later measure the results.

Because Axone remains agnostic about technologies. It is crucial to choose the information infrastructure based on business needs.

Certain organizations use both relational and NoSQL databases in order to acquire significant competitive advantages such as the ability to process Big Data.

See our article entitled: « Architectures and Competitiveness ».

Adapted services

Combining business experience and IT expertise, we quickly grasp your challenges, your needs and priorities. We do not waste your valuable time!

• From your objectives, we develop and implement reliable analytical models.

• We discover new and actionable knowledge through Data Mining.

• Our relational and NoSQL databases are efficient and lucrative since they address to both traditional and modern business needs.

Best practices

We have developed methods by type of project whether Database architectures, Data warehouses, Dashboards, Data visualization platforms, Scorecards, Data Mining or Corporate strategy.

We strive on equipping people with smart technologies that enable them to achieve their goals.

Measuring performance

Continuous improvement comes from experimentation and the measurement of results. We therefore promote this approach:

• Together with your staff, we estimate the expected benefits of your project

• We jointly choose performance indicators to be used for measuring your gains

• A post-project evaluation enables us to confirm and improve financial performance